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Get Instant Property Alerts
We deliver instant property alerts once a new listing comes on the market. Average is 5 minutes.
Off Market For Sale Listings
When working exclusively with an advisor you get access to properties very few have access to.
Negotiation Experts
Seasoned experts know how to push and craft the best terms in your favor when buying.

How It Works

The smart way to approach the home buying process
Instant listing notifications
Receive listings ahead of your competition. On average our listing alerts are delivered within 5 minutes of MLS input or updates. This gives you an
Connect with your Real Estate Advisor
Initial conneciton is fast on a video call or telephone to identify your goals and search criteria. We walk you through all the steps and connect you with a lender if you need a mortgage.
  View homes faster
Arrange a property tour instantly once you are connected with your Advisor. We have built an online platform to confirm instant showings with a few simple mouse clicks.
Offer with actionable data
Our neighborhood data and property metrics reports provide you with relevant and actionable data. Along with recommendations from your
Closing made simple
Experience a hassle-free and smooth closing. You have an expert team to guide you through the closing process.
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