What's My Home Worth?

Get the real value from a real person!
Home valuation estimates and online tools calculate and predict values based on computer algorithms. The problem is missing data points that a computer is incapable of reconciling.
When you request a home value estimate, we connect you with a verified local top producing agent who only works in your neighborhood. This invaluable first hand knowledge provides you with a guaranteed resource to accurately predict what your home is actually worth based on all relevant data.

Public Data Sources
Review and analyze county & city tax data including assessments and 100's of other sources.
MLS Data
Analysis of active, pending, and sold data points.
Valuation / Comparative Market Analysis
Reconciliation of on market prices coupled with last sold values.
Neighborhood Experience & Knowledge
Hyper-local details including schools, life quality, and intimate knowledge only known due to experience.
Features & Condition
Visual recognition and comprehension of value based on improvements or defects.
Local Trends & Insights
Years of experience working with property owners, businesses, and even being part of the PTA.
Maximizing Value
Return on investment with additional improvements to sell for a higher price.
A/B Net Proceeds
Breakdown of costs or improvements and time analysis to determine the best selling approach.
How much is my home worth?