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How Real Estate Advisor is Different

Traditional Agent
Not in the top 5% experts who know your neighborhood
Marketing expertise and knowledge is limited, typically just local
Closing experience isn't the best, you don't close the sale
CLosing experience isn't the best, you don't close the sale
Top 5% expert team that has direct neighborhood experience
Marketing is global not just local
Proven negotiation skills, you get more money at closing
Verifiable track record in successfully closing your escrow
Discount Agent/Broker
Volume based model, maybe understands a few areas but not a market expert
Marketing typically not with professional photos, digital campaigns, staging, and exposure
Home sold for less due to inexperience
Motivation to close isn't a priority, you get what you pay for
Hyperlocal Smart Advisors
Your Real Estate Advisor knows your market the best. First hand direct experience provides you with the edge you need to stay one step ahead.
Advisory Phase
Identification of your coals and needs. Customized roadmap is built to identify value-add opportunities to achieve a higher sold price. As small as staging, carpet cleaning, or painting to landscapting or adding additional square footage, we help to manage the entire process.
Marketing Phase
Getting the highest value takes superior negotiation skills and a solid team. Each Advisor works with a minimum team of 3 Advisors, Marketing Manager, Transaction Coordinator, and Closing Coordinator.
Closing Phase
True global and local marketing platform combined with our proprietary social media and global real estate partners ensure your property achieves the right exposure.
Post Closing
We value your relationship and our mottoe is "Clients for life". Once you've sold your property, we strive to continue the connection. Ever need a good recommendation for a mover or painter. We're always happy to help!

Our proprietary marketing platform utilizes big data and technology forward partnerships to out rank exposure compared to the competition.

Customized digital marketing campaigns are created with Facebook, Instagram, Google AdWords, Bing and Email Blasting.

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