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The Potrero Hill Neighborhood

Sunny Potrero Hill is arguably the best weather in San Francisco. Typically one of the last neighborhoods to have the fog rolling in it's a hip neighborhood mostly with homes and some duplex, apartments, and condos mixed throughout.

The pace here is akin to a suburban neighborhood albeit nestled in San Francisco proper. The density of residents is skewed more to the side of families in houses on the hills with amazing views and the younger crowd on the boarders where condo density is higher.

Rich with history from it's early 18th century sheep grazing pastures and early Gold Rush settlements this neighborhood also boasts the crookedest and steepest street in all of San Francisco on the top of Vermont street and 20th down to 22nd Street, sorry Lombard Street!

Quaint restaurants and boutique shops line the main strip on 18th Street from Mississippi to Arkansas Street. Enjoy Sunday brunch at Plow or one of the best French inspired food in the city at Chez Maman. Chill like a local with a great cup of coffee at Farley's.

Transportation is easy with car and freeway access from 101 or 280. Hop on a bus or the 22nd Street CalTrain for additional options.

The Vibe
Relaxed and active with outdoor centric living. Rooftop decks enjoying the sun.
The People
Family centric and long term residents along with a younger condo crowd.
Fun Fact
Vermont Street start at the top of 20th Street is the most crooked and steepest street in San Francisco.
Best Attribute
Sunny and warm weather, usually the last place the fog rolls in.
Real Estate
Single family homes with some of the best water and downtown views.

The Neighborhood Vibe

Slow down and enjoy the sunniest neighborhood in San Francisco. You'll fall in love with the views of downtown SF, the bay, the Bay Bridge, and watching the sunrise and the sunset. Having the flexibility of being in the city without being in the city is a great way to live life. You'll find real neighbors that know your name, shops and restaurants that probably know your order before you arrive.

Easy going with access to fast paced nearby neighborhoods allows you to have it all. Order a pizza pie from Goat Hill Pizza or grab a pint from local Anchor Steam Brewery and you'll see that living in this neighborhood has all the big city perks with that small town feel once you're a local. Fun events year round include Bring Your Own Big Wheel, Potrero Hill Festival, and Bottom of The Hill live music. A quintessential small-town feel with an urban overlay to keep the SF connection.

The People

Family ratios in the neighborhood are roughly 52% as compared with a 35% average for San Francisco as a whole. This is a great place to have a family with such a strong community. Most are working professional families who love the small neighborhood feel and partake in community events with their families such as Bring Your Own Big Wheel, walks to McKinley Park and Playground, Sunday brunch to Plow, or just walking the family dog around the block. Expect everyone to be friendly and say hello, or even know your name and your dogs name when you are walking down the street.

The younger crowd is also the other side of the coin mixed in apartments and condos. Younger professionals here typically will be equally as laid back and enjoying the warm weather. Emphasis on outdoor activities such walking, biking, Sunday brunch at Plow, or a beer at Anchor Steam Brewery are all ways you'll connect with these sophisticated individuals. Typically in the technology vertical or working as a corporate professional, however you'll also find some very creative students concentrated here as well due to nearby California College of Arts and Culinary Academy.

The people here you'll find are educated, family driven, and overall enjoy the outdoor California lifestyle with a small town sophistication. Saying hello and being friendly in this neighborhood goes a long way. There are many community associations and groups you can join to contribute and be part of Potrero Hill. TIP: If you have a dog try taking a walk after work or on the weekend to McKinley park where you'll find other dog owners and make some new friends.

Real Estate

Single family homes and multi-unit (duplex and triplex) homes converted into modern luxury compounds are the typical hot items on the market. Homes and multi-unit properties will garner the highest price points in the neighborhood with downtown city views or bay water views. Most homes will have at least two or more levels and the ultra-high properties will feature floor to ceiling glass windows to capture those panoramic views and also have private backyards, gardens, terraces, and some are lucky enough to have rooftop decks. Luxury high-end finishes and sleek modern designs are very common along with ground up new construction from older homes being replaced and remodeled. The charm and character of properties built before the 1940's is still a large part of this market as well so if you seek period details with Victorian or Edwardian styles about 30% of Potrero Hill will offer you these features.

Condo and TIC units dominate here. An influx of newer high-end luxury condos have popped up recently and include The Knox, The Potrero, Onyx, and 131 Missouri Street. A large portion of the remaining boutique condos are typically from converted 2 and 3 unit duplex and triplex buildings into either a TIC (Tenancy In Common) or converted into condos. These converted units typically will be mixed into the upper areas of Potrero Hill and have stunning views of downtown and bay water views. Ranging from small studios to luxury penthouses in the millions you can find the perfect unit that fits your budget, style, and location preferences.


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